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Selling Your Home

Full Service Not Full Commission - A Better Way To Sell

Our goal is simple…you should make more money selling your home than the agent who sells it. So with moov realty you pay less and receive more. No small print, just a better value with our full service, better marketing, lower commission, udderly different way to sell your home.

1% Listing Fee

On average a listing agent spends 40 to 50 hours total time from first contact to escrow close to sell a home. At the traditional 3% listing fee other agents charge you are paying them over $400 an hour to sell a $550,000 home. Selling a home is not brain surgery so why should you pay an agent more than you would pay a neurosurgeon?

Save You Thousands

With our 1% listing fee you will save thousands of dollars over traditional full service agents. Saving you $11,000 on a $550,000 home sale.

Superior Marketing

Professional photography, video, web, floor plan, yard sign and more. It’s all included. We know digital marketing and make sure your home stands out from the rest by providing a memorable experience to your buying audience.

Dedicated Local Agent

We take local seriously!  We only sell homes in a targeted local area and our agent’s live in this local area. We are local, know the market and are readily available to focus on your home.

Complete Seller Focus

We only focus on you, the seller!  All our marketing, programs, services and expertise are laser focused on selling your home for the maximum amount of money. There is never a conflict of interest since we only work for sellers!

Over 90% of the buyers and 100% of the buyer agents (mls is online) use the internet to search for a home. Fact is less than 1% of buyers find a home through print marketing. Therefore, creating the best possible digital marketing and maximizing your home’s online exposure is what works. Good thing because that is exactly what moov realty does!

Max Exposure

Getting your home maximum exposure is what we deliver! Your home will be everywhere buyers are looking. Zillow, Trulia,, all other brokerages websites and the MLS just to name a few.

Full Service

We provide full service and then some! Your agent is with you every step of the way from first contact through closing. We always have your best interest at heart and make sure your home selling experience goes smoothly.

Zero Bull

We have our “bull meter” dialed to zero and have created a culture which does not allow for any bull! With us, you know what you are getting upfront, we are completely transparent, fully accountable to sellers and provide a better value. See how our “Zero Bull” benefits you. Click HERE

Indie Brokerage

As an indie (independent) brokerage we do not follow a traditional franchise real estate model with a restrictive agenda that is stuck in the past. We create our own path and are disrupting an entire industry by offering a better way to sell your home.

What's Your Home Worth

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What's Included When You Sell With Us

Local Agent

Full service local agent from first contact to close of sale and everything in between.

1% Listing Fee

Does not include mls buyer’s agent commission of 2.5% which pays buyers agent.*

Market Analysis

Our detailed report on the market so you can determine your listing price.

Professional Photos

Professional photographer will take impactful photos of your home.

Virtual Tour

Professional video virtual tour grabs buyer’s attention and immerses them in your home.

Floor Plan

Professional floor plan provides clear layout and dimensions of the entire home to buyers.

Social Media Ads

Paid advertising on Facebook & Instagram targeted at home buyers.

Custom Video Tour

High quality, custom agent guided, video tour, making your home the star.

Home Website

Dedicated home website and custom web address designed to showcase your home.

Yard Sign

Professional for sale yard sign and custom rider taking buyers to your homes website.

Lock Box

Lockbox installed which tracks all showings and gives scheduled access to buyer agents.

Open House

Agent hosted open house. COVID restrictions apply and limit the ability to hold.

The Giants

Your home is on the most popular sites for buyers, Zillow, Trulia and


This is the main source buyer’s agents use to find homes for clients.

Other Broker Sites

On all other brokerage home search websites whether they are big or small.

Hey! Now it's up to you....Ready to sell?

*90% of the buyers work with a buyer’s agent when they make a home purchase. By utilizing the mls and offering a 2.5% commission to the buyer’s agent you get maximum exposure to these buyers and their agent. If the buyer is not represented by a buyer’s agent your total commission is only our 1% listing fee.