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How Does A 100% Savings Sound When you Sell & Buy With Moov

moov realty thinks home seller’s have been getting the short end of the stick for too long by having to pay for both the listing and buying agents commission when you sell your home so we figured you could use a break. You deserve it!

0% Listing Fee

That’s not a typo! Zero listing fee when you sell and buy a home with moov realty. You heard it here first! You are actually getting more for less from a real estate brokerage…novel idea or as we like to say, udderly different!

How Does It Work? There Must Be A Catch!

1% Listing Fee

We will sell your home with all the features and benefits you get on our Sell & Save page for a 1% Listing Fee. Already saving you thousands when compared to what a traditional 2.5% – 3% listing agent charges.

1% Buying Rebate

Buy your new home with moov realty as your buyer agent and we will rebate you back 1% of the commission we receive from the seller. It’s that easy…no smoke and mirrors, just straight forward savings.

Zero Percent

Simple math here, Sell and pay 1% listing fee, Buy and receive 1% rebate back. Any way you add it up it equals Zero Listing Fee when you sell and buy with moov realty.

As a Seller Focused real estate brokerage, we are always trying to create better options for our home sellers that add real value. We think our Sell & Buy program does exactly this and think you will agree!

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