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udderly different


We are moov realty, an udderly different real estate brokerage with a unique approach to preparing, marketing and selling your home. Here’s why our udderly different approach is a better way to sell your home.

Better Value

Now, let’s talk about udderly different! When was the last time you actually got more of a good thing for less money? Well…that’s exactly what you get with moov realty! Our listing commission is only 1.99% with no office administration fees. You heard it here first! You are actually getting more for less from a real estate brokerage…novel idea or as we like to say, udderly different!


At our expense, moov realty provides you with a professional home design consultant to create a customized action plan just for your home!  First impressions are important and your consultant’s action plan, utilizes low cost or no cost solutions tailor made to fit your home.


In order to help get your home in shape to sell, moov realty, at our expense, will provide professionals and licensed contractors to address your home’s needs! Whether your home needs paint, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, roofing, cleaning, packing, storing, landscaping or other services, moov realty will pay for $500 in labor hours.*


moov realty doesn’t like surprises! Usually home inspection surprises are not a good thing in real estate. So we pay for pre-selling professional home, roof and pest inspections to uncover issues prior to marketing your home. Addressing issues upfront makes for a smooth escrow.

We Price Right

At our expense, moov realty brings in a professional, licensed appraiser to crunch the numbers and provide you with a detailed full appraisal!  An appraisal is more accurate than a conventional CMA (Comparable Market Analysis). We do this before your home selling price is set and marketed. By having two professionals, us, and a licensed appraiser run the numbers; you can rest assured your home is priced correctly!


moov realty is only focused on you, the seller!  Other brokerages represent sellers and buyers, therefore they never really specialize in any one side of the transaction. At moov realty all our marketing, programs, services and expertise are laser focused on selling your home for the maximum amount of money. There is never a conflict of interest since we only work for you!


At moov realty our agents have large company, corporate sales experience and a bachelors degree to complement their real estate acumen. Our agent’s understand complex situations, act quickly and provide solutions.


moov realty takes local seriously!  We only sell homes in a very targeted local area and our agent’s live in this local area. We are local and readily available to focus on your home.

moov realty’s current areas: Roseville, Rocklin & Granite Bay

Coming Soon: Walnut Creek & Pleasant Hill, Sherman Oaks & Van Nuys

Superior Marketing

moov realty focuses on beautiful design, creative marketing and luxury services for all home sellers! At our expense we will make sure your home stands out above all others. moov realty utilizes professional photography, film, web, copywriting and print experts at no cost to you.


moov realty is an indie (independent) brokerage that does not follow a traditional franchise real estate model with a restrictive agenda. We create our own path. We are disrupting an entire industry by offering free services, better marketing and a lower commission structure. There is no other brokerage out there that provides sellers with this kind of value. We love what we do and take great pride in setting an udderly different, industry standard.


At moov realty we have our “bull meter” dialed to zero and have created a culture which does not allow for any bull! With us, you know what you are getting upfront and it is all detailed on our website. We are completely transparent, fully acountable to sellers and provide a better value. See how our “No Bull Approach” benefits you. Click HERE

*We first use the labor allotment to address items discovered on the inspections and home design consultation. Minimum commission amount is $6,000 and applies to homes with a sold value of under $302,000.