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Zero Bull Here

You won't find any used house salesmen at moov realty

Real estate without all the bull! What does this mean? Well, at moov realty it means transparency, accountability and delivering a better value. Take a look below at our no bull approach!


At moov realty we think you should be able to shop for a real estate brokerage the same way you shop for products online…anonymously, with full details and when it is convenient for you. Other real estate brokerages and agents try their hardest to provide as little information as possible online about their service, commission, marketing and plan to sell your home. Why? What are they hiding?

moov realty is all about being transparent and giving you all the information you need upfront on our website so you can decide if we are the right brokerage to sell your home before you make contact with us. Isn’t that how it should be? We think so too!


moov realty is always accountable to you, the seller! With us there is never a conflict of interest about who we work for. As a brokerage we do not allow our agents to “double end a deal”.  A “double end” is where the same agent represents the seller and the buyer on the same home sale thus, getting twice the commission. We even take it one step further since we only work for sellers you won’t ever have an agent from the same brokerage or office representing a seller and a buyer on the same sale.

Other brokerages allow their agents to  “double end the sale” so they can get twice the commission. moov realty thinks it is impossible to represent the seller and buyer impartially on any transaction and we feel that allowing this to happen provides a huge disservice to both the seller and buyer.

Our model holds us accountable to only you, the seller and eliminates any chance of a conflict of interest providing you with 100% of our focus and effort. With moov realty there is never an ulterior motive of getting twice the commission driving the sale!

Better Value

moov realty’s focus on doing it better creates a model which delivers free services, lower commission and better marketing which equates to a better value for our customers. Let’s face it, we have all heard a story from a friend, family member, acquaintance or co-worker where they felt the real estate agent who sold their home did very little work but received a large commission check.

We felt the current traditional real estate model was lacking value for the home seller and that is why we developed moov realty. We packed our model with thousands of dollars in free services and marketing while dropping the commission to 1.99% which is much less than the 2.5% to 3% you are used to paying. We think our better value approach to real estate provides home sellers with the best way to sell their home. We are confident when you compare us to any other brokerage or agent out there you will see moov realty provides home sellers with a clearly better value.